Can I use my own engineer?

Yes, we allow outside engineers to use our facilities. We do require the use of an assistant if it’s
the engineers first time at the studio. The assistant rate is $100 a day. On days that you don’t
use an assistant, we do charge a lock-up fee of $50.

Is editing, tuning, mixing, and/or mastering included in the rate for the room?

No, the only thing included in the rate for the room is the studio time and an engineer if you paid
for one. You’re more than welcome to have the engineer start on these services during the
session if there is still time left. But if you’ve reached the end of the session time, all extra
services will have to be negotiated with the engineer.

What recording programs do you use at your studio?

We use Pro Tools HD exclusively. We are not set up to accommodate other DAW’s at our

Is there someone there that can play guitar/drums/bass/key/etc. on my song?

We have relationships with some of the best session players in Austin. We can give you their
contact information, but it is up to you to book them for the session and pay their rate.

What if I don’t finish my song before the session is over?

If your session ends and you still have work to do then you are welcome to book more time
either that day, if the schedule permits, or at a later date.

What if I finish early? Can I be refunded for the time that’s left?

We can not refund any part of the payment for sessions ending early. Before booking a session
we recommend consulting with one of our staff to determine how much time you need for your

What are your hours?

We are open by appointment only. You are free to schedule your session at any point during
the day. However, we do charge an extra $25/hr after midnight, or for sessions that exceed 10

Can I smoke in the studio?

Smoking and drug use of any kind is PROHIBITED inside our studio. Smoking of any kind will
be subject to a $1000 fee in Studio A and $500 for all other studios. You are welcome to smoke outside of the studio though.

Can I bring my family/friends/etc. to the session?

You are welcome to have people sit in on your session. However out of respect to the other
clients at the studio that day, and because of our limited parking, we ask that you limit the
number of extra people you bring to the session.

What format will my music be in when I leave the session?

Our engineers can provide you with a ‘walkout’ version of your song in the form of an .mp3 and
.wav. We will transfer the Pro Tools session to you as well. Please bring a hard drive with at
least 50GB of space so we can transfer the files to you at the end of the session. We are not
responsible for backing up your session data. It is your responsibility to back up your data. If
you need us to send you session files after the session has ended, you will need to pay a $50
recall fee.

Please note that we DO NOT burn CD’s for you to take home.

How do I book a session?

Please reach out to bookingorb@gmail.com to book a session. Once you’ve decided on a
date and amount of time we’ll require a 50% deposit to confirm the booking. Deposits can be
paid via Paypal to OrbPayPal@gmail.com or you can pay via credit card over the phone. We
can not hold dates, all sessions are subject to cancellation until a deposit is put down. All
deposits are non-refundable.

What if I show up late to my session?

Sessions start at their scheduled start time. If you show up late for a session, we can not add
time on to the end of it, or refund you for the time you missed. You are responsible for showing
up to your session on time.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel more than 48 hours before your scheduled session, your deposit can be applied
towards a new session. If notice is not given before 48 hours , your deposit will be forfeited and
not applied to any future sessions. All sessions must be rescheduled within 30 days .
Canceling or rescheduling a single day hourly session will result in Full Payment being required
to hold all future sessions.

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